Ron Ponder

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Norman, OK

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Single and looking for a mixed partner who can travel to tournaments. Those are two separate things; I'm single and I'm, also, looking for a pickleball partner! I'm a certified ref, USA Pickleball Ambassador and IFP Director of World Ambassadors and a nice guy!


I bike a bunch as in bicycle. I'm usually traveling to some tournament or other, usually to ref. Travel to Europe a couple of times a year.

Countries Visited :

London is my all time favorite but Bruge, Belgium, is up there pretty high. Not much to dislike about Paris, Rome and Dublin.

Favorite Things :

Country music and Broadway show tunes. Movies would be JoJo Rabbit and Field of Dreams and I have several favorite novelists tending toward the likes of John Grisham, John Sandford and Stephen King. Like that.


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Greater Oklahoma City Pickleball Club has right at 900 members and 19 venues to play at so games are available morning, noon, and evening.

Pickleball Experiences :

I'm a rec player working hard on my game. I've done tournaments but mainly now I just ref at them. I had been playing for three weeks when I was invited to play in a tournament in Madrid (I was in London at the time so it's not too crazy.) Had a great time playing in the first Bainbridge Cup and two years later I was the tournament director for the event which was held in Germany that year.

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