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Surprise, AZ, USA

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I am originally from Trenton MI, played baseball at MSU, spent 40 years in the Hotel business as a Director of Sales and Marketing. I have 2 children, Keely who lives in Asheville NC, and Kyle, who lives in Columbia MD. I joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1994, moved to Idaho in 2019 and while there served as the Director of the United Way. I married Deborah Campbell in 2013 & moved to Logan Utah, where we lived for a couple of years until we retired and have spent winters in Surprise AZ since 2018. We own the Jolt Therapy Tool business and travel around the country in our class C motorhome attending Pickleball tournaments, playing and selling the Jolt.


I love watching baseball and used to golf 4-5 times per week, until Pickleball took over our lives in 2014! We love living in AZ (Oct-May) where the weather is usually great and we have lots of friends. We also love traveling the country from June-Sept in our RV and playing Pickleball and exploring the sites.

Countries Visited :

i have been to France & Germany and to tropical islands off of Columbia South America and Mexico, but really loved Bermuda. I have also been to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. But I really love the good old USA and have played Pickleball in all but 13 of the states!

Favorite Things :

I enjoy reading books that have human interest stories, usually non fiction or historical accounts.
We listen to oldies, LDS music and anything else that is uplifting and spiritual... same with movies.. if it is too Loud, has bad language or violence, we do not watch or listen to it.


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Happy Trails has alot of different levels of play and our club is very active and holds some fun activities. the best thing is they offer free lessons on Monday for any level of play

Pickleball Experiences :

Deb lived in Seattle for 27 years and had heard of Pickleball but never had played. Shortly after we married, in Feb 2014 we discovered a group that played in the LDS church in Logan UT. We started playing and were immediately hooked! Deb watched videos every day of her new hero Jennifer Lucore, and we played as often as possible. We played in our first tournament that December at the fairgrounds near Brigham city and took Silver in mixed 3.0. Since then I have played in about 25 tournaments around the country at the 3.5/4.0 level and won some medals, while Deb has played in over 100 and won over 40 medals at the 4.5/5.0 level. While in Az, we play everyday except Sunday, and whenever and wherever we can around the USA!

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