Kevin Faber

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2890 Haggett Dr, Twinsburg, OH 44087, USA

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35 yr. old Systems Analyst and certified Pickleball addict! Father of 3 young boys and husband to a great woman. Lover of Jesus.


Playing and watching sports, pretty much all of them! Video games, board games, the outdoors, enjoying local restaurants, and hanging with my family.

Countries Visited :

I haven't traveled a whole lot, but Paris, France was my favorite vacation out of Country.

Favorite Things :

I love Rock Music, pretty much any kind of movie, and Sci-Fi as far as reading.


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Growing! Courts all over the place, including the hotbed of Northeast Ohio (Mentor) about 40 minutes northeast of me. They have 15 dedicated outdoor courts.

Pickleball Experiences :

My dad introduced me to Pickleball and I played it sporadically for a few years. Then I began playing seriously about 2-3 years ago. I am now a sponsored player for TMPR Sports and have medaled at the 5.0 level. I love tournaments and playing competitively, and I also love how Pickleball gives me the chance to play with people of all walks of life.

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