Laura Cooksey

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Point Richmond, Richmond, CA, USA

Basic Information

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I am mostly retired having had a very successful career in skin care, specifically for acne and problem skin. I love dancing, mountain biking, kayaking, crafting, and traveling.


Beading, sewing, biking.

Countries Visited :

Bali, Thailand, France

Favorite Things :

R&B, Funk, Jazz


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

The closest pick up all courts are about 20 minutes away in Berkeley. It’s a great community and has been challenging now because of Covid. We can only play singles and with masks. 😕

Pickleball Experiences :

A friend told me that I would love it. I took my first lesson and fell in love immediately. I’ve been playing on enough for about a year. I like to play at least three times a week. I absolutely love the high I get from the exercise, the camaraderie, and getting better at the sport. Right now I’m more of a recreational player.

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