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Germantown, TN, USA

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I am retired from corporate finance for a large Memphis based company. My late husband passed away three years ago after 30+ years of marriage. My partner, Robert Henegar, and I found each other last year and have started our second acts! My pick up line was "do you want to learn how to play pickleball?" and now he, too, has become a pickleball addict when he is not working as a clinical trial research coordinator. I am originally from the New Orleans area and he is a native Memphian. Together we have been nicknamed the Hindegars.


Besides pickleball, my partner and I love to kayak, hike, travel and volunteer for performing art venues.

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The last time I counted I had visited 38 countries with my favorites being Germany, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Croatia, Australia - - what am I saying? Nah, it's too hard to pick a favorite!

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Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

The city of Germantown in June just opened the first public outdoor dedicated (8) pickleball courts in the whole Memphis area. The sport is growing leaps and bounds here! Pre-covid we mostly played in churches along with some community rec centers and had 30+ locations. Very few have restarted so the public outdoor courts have been a blessing.

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I was introduced to pickleball about 5 years ago and have played in almost every venue in the area. When I am not traveling and am fit to play, I'll play about 5 days a week. I prefer recreational pickleball and I love introducing the game to new players.

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