Cathy Hicks

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Asheville, NC, USA

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Soon to be retired CPA; play 4-5 x a week. 3.5 player trying hard to move up.


Love my dog children. Love my morning coffee enjoying the mountains around Asheville. So many things to do in this area!

Countries Visited :

Hands down - France! Can’t wait to go back there one day - would love an extended visit next time. Maybe in the Provence or French Riviera region. I just really love Europe in the old blends with the new. I feel “at home” there in a way I can’t explain.

Favorite Things :

Not much of a consumer of TV or movies but I did love Downton Abbey. Listen to all kinds of music...bluegrass, jazz, classical but sometimes the quiet and solitude is the best.


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

98% amazing, fun and kind people....just like life in general.

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