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I am a full time RV traveler. I get to a lot of tournaments all around the Western US. I have two very fun "side gigs"; I do promotional events for Selkirk Sports, as a brand ambassador and I am an AAU Pickleball Director. The AAU is launching high quality youth pickleball across the country, I'm helping with that effort! I am a 4.5 rated player. I am an IPTPA & PPR certified insructor.


I spent the last 15 years of my working life in the fly fishing industry. I do a lot of fly fishing when I am not out on the pickleball courts. I have a bucket list of seeing as many of the US National Parks as I can!

Countries Visited :

I lived in Mexico for a year. I really enjoyed learning about a country that is very misunderstood by most Americans.

Favorite Things :

Believe it or not, I am a die hard Meatloaf fan! really like most types of music but 70's rock lights my fire.


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Eden Prairie Minnesota has a vibrant and active pickleball community. I was active in developing it and growing the player base there. I started a Pickleball Academy called "Champions Hall". When I lived in Mexico I hosted several large groups of players to come to Ajijic, on Lake Chapala, fo pickleball camps.

Pickleball Experiences :

I was introduced to the sport by a Tennis buddy of mine. Dave, was a national medal wining player who got me "hooked" immediately! I play 4 to 5 day a week. I love rec play, but competition is extremely fun for me. I really enjoyed all the coaching and teaching I did in the past. I now take that passion to the Selkirk events that I do as I travel.

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