Michael (BigMike) Morian

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I am a retired Mechanical / Aerospace Design Engineer. Married with 2 adult children and 3 grandkids.


Geology (rock hounding), bicycling, hiking, Native American flute, Ukulele, vacationing, pottery, building stuff,

Countries Visited :

I've only been to Mexico and the islands in the Caribean, but would like to visit anywhere.

Favorite Things :

YouTube pickleball videos. USAPA rule book.


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Pickleball is alive and extreamly healthy in this part of Colorado. We have so many places to play that it's hard to get to play at all of them. New facilities are opening up weekly. Overall, the people are very friendly and inviting, and we discourage any bullying or rude players. We have (I teach) free lessons on Tuesdays & Thursdays year round and Rules clinics, Referee clinics, league play, morning shuttle play and summer tournaments.

Pickleball Experiences :

I started playing the day after I retired and haven't stopped since. I play just about every day about 4 to 7 hours a day at sometimes 3 facilities a day. I am a PPR certified teacher / coach and working towards Referee certification. I've been referring around the country for about 5 years and loving it, now it's time to get fully certified. Mostly I am a recreational player but play as many tournaments as I can and always go to the Nationals to either play or work.

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