Gabrielle Austin

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Longview, WA, USA

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Hi, I'm Gabrielle but most pickleballers just call me G! I am doing a tournament in all 50 states so I am constantly traveling and checking out new places! You can follow my journey on my Instagram @picklethe50.


In addition to pickleball, I love trying new sports, eating lots of food, biking and walking, playing soccer, meeting new people, playing board games, hosting parties and events, and reading!

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Favorite Things :

Books: Jane Austen all the way! I love Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. I also love well written biographies of missionaries or positive cultural influencers like William Willberforce and in depth theology books.

Movies: I really love a bit of everything. Romance, drama, action, kids movies, superheroes, sports movies, anything but horror!

Music: Like movies, I like a wide variety of things, but my go-to is either 60's or classical. :)


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

We have quite the variety here. A lot of 3.0-3.5's, a lot of 4.0's, and a scattered few 4.5's and above. Overall the pickleball community is really friendly and welcoming!

Pickleball Experiences :

I was introduced to pickleball back in 2017 at a rec center in Newport, Oregon. I played a bit at the time but not seriously. I got back into the sport in late 2019 and have since really fallen in love and taken the sport more seriously. I am a tournament player, and like I mentioned am doing a tournament in all 50 states. One of my FAVORITE things about pickleball is the beautiful, incredible people I have met along the way! I love pickleball people!!! Getting to travel around the country and meet different pickleballers is just the best thing ever. I am so blessed by every host family who has housed me and fed me- huge thanks to all who have!!!!

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