Stephanie Lynch

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Las Cruces, NM, USA

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Born in Brooklyn, NY then moved to NJ at 10 where I lived until after married. Went to PA, then after I became an RN at 33, we moved back to Jackson, NJ. 16 years ago to pursue my masters, we moved to Las Cruces, NM. I raised 4 children. We are married 35 yrs. I am a Professor, I am a Psych Nurse Practitioner in private practice, and a Family NP.


We love to travel via RV, cruise (and play pickleball), we also travel on discounts all around the world, before COVID-19. I cook, read, entertain.

Countries Visited :

I loved Italy, of course. But last November we went to Ireland, and I fell in LOVE!!! I would go again in a heartbeat! I also loved Spain.

Favorite Things :

I love the Beatles, Eagles, The Who, Marshall Tucker. And some new stuff. I also love the old standards, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett. I love Crime Everything--TV, books, movies, real life, fiction. I attended CrimeCon 2018 and plan on attending 2020 in October, God willing!


Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Aggressive! We just started playing last year so we are still learning and I feel very intimidated playing locally. Theses older folks here think it's the try-outs for the Olympics!!!

Pickleball Experiences :

We've played for about a year. I'm good when I'm not tired. More recreational! But give me time, I get very competitive!! LOL

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