Lynette Ringel

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East Tennessee

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I’m an addicted Pickleball player! Retired
Love to compete!
Have played all over the US & in Germany
3.8 rated player.... working to reach 4.0!


Am a Certified Master Gardener

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Favorites - 1) Spain 2) Ireland 3) Switzerland 4) Germany

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Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Pickleball came to our East Tn area 8 years ago. It has grown here like it has all over the US!
We have just joined a Private PB Club north of us in Knoxville in order to be able to play all year long. COVID has closed a lot of our indoor rec centers which had/have none or minimal fees to play. We have at least 10 outdoor court facilities to play on in and around the Knoxville area. Our little town (Maryville) just built 6 brand new, lighted courts for us!

Pickleball Experiences :

We were introduced to PB almost 8 years ago by friends who had vacationed in AZ and brought the game back here. We then helped to form a new club in our area in order to charge dues to pay to rent an indoor Rec center during the winter months. I used to play 5-6x/week. But dang age has set in so now play 3-5x/week.....need a day off to rest! I’m both a Rec player and also love to compete! Our best experience so far was to travel with in 2019 over to Germany and play in the Bainebridge Cup & German Open, where I brought home a Gold & Bronze medal!! Yup .... I’m addicted!

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