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Pickleball Community in my Hometown :

Age :

Pickleball Experiences : My 88 year old mother heard about "pickleball."  She insisted I check it out.  I went to watch.  It looked doable, and I tried it and never looked back.  Since then, and three years later, I've taken lots of classes, love to play and meet new people, and enjoy tournaments. 

Certification Level : Trained

What I Can Share With Hosts : I can share my enthusiasm for the sport, a friendly/considerate nature, as well as my house which is available for those looking to exchange.

Personal Details

Age : 58

Gender : Female

Location : Paso Robles

Occupation : English teacher for 23 years


About : I recently retired from teaching. We have two daughters who live in Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe.  My husband and I play pickleball almost every day.  We both enjoy music have been in a band for the past ten years; I sing and my husband plays guitar.  Check us out on janandtedsexcellentadventure.com!   

Hobbies/Interests: We just started a garden for the first time this year.  I love to read, and we are Star Trek nerds.

Where I live : Paso Robles is a premiere destination for wine tasting.  The weather is hot in the summer, and the spring and fall bring beautiful weather.

My Family : I grew up in this area, so have lots of extended family. Our immediate family is myself, my husband Ted, my daughter Liz and her fiancee Chris, and my daughter Erika.

Favorite Things : Saw Lady Gaga in concert.....Just read "The Orphan Master's Son" about a man's life in North Korea, and loved the movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

One Amazing Thing I've Done : Taught 7th graders to love both writing and reading.

Countries Visited : Canada !!