The Body Bean: Loofah Soap Scrubbers

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We added the Body Bean collection because people love these products! These products have nothing to do with pickleball, except how they came across my path. I was at a friend's pickleball airbnb. The guests came out and had to know where to get the vanilla Body Wash. I found out all about their curated products and offer them to you so you can pamper yourself before or after a great game of pickleball.

This a customer favorite because this product is 2 in 1.  You get a loofah scrubber and a bar of soap all in one.  The raw loofah which is grown naturally scrubs away the dead skin without scratching or scraping. 

The color may vary from off white to light Brown due to oatmeal & Honey fragrance.


OATMEAL & HONEY ~ Creamy, rich, and sweet with creamy tones of oatmeal and the distinctive smell of honey.