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Have you missed a game point because your paddle keeps slipping in your hand? Liquid Grip is an innovated water-based hydrocellulose thickener that allows rosin and chalk to mix which creates liquid chalk. When applied, the exceptional drying agent does not make your hands feel sticky. It comes in 1.5oz, 8.0oz or in a combo pack. 

Mila Approved:  I love Liquid Grip! I do not like to carry a bunch of stuff to the court. I also like that I can attach my small Liquid Grip on my water bottle.  When I apply the product, it doesn't make my hands feel sticky. It keeps the paddle from sliding around in my hand. If I get it on my clothes, it easily comes out in the wash.

Holly Approved: Liquid Grip is the best for keeping my hands dry. I have used other products and they have not performed nearly as well. I like the smaller bottle that comes with a carabiner to attach it to my bag or water bottle. The product also goes a long way.