Rev Pickleball: 2 Pickleball Paddles and Balls

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Get started on your pickleball adventure? Here's a set of durable custom paddles, along with three outdoor balls.  REV Pickleball is proud to introduce our paddle and ball Pickleball set. Constructed from the highest quality materials, this bundle is sure to take your game to the next level....just add the net!

Our paddles have graphite faces, polymer honeycomb cores, and custom comfort handle grips to let you feel the power. Their solid construction means you can play for a lifetime with strength and longevity. They are dent-resistant and ready for every match.

REV Pickleball Paddles and balls were designed by a professional--with professionals in mind. Ideal for those who love the game, these paddles will transform anyone's experience from novices to beyond. A durable edge guard provides stability and protection while being perfectly balanced helps you engage with more accurate shots and super balanced control. Master your ball spin, use bounce to your advantage and reduce mis-hits. Find your sweet spot and make an impact on your opponent. You can do it all with Rev.

Noticeably lighter than a wooden paddle, the secure custom comfort grip of Rev Pickleball paddles will tell you, this is the one. Rev Pickleball paddles become a natural extension of your arm, generating unrestricted movement and flow. Sense the confidence it brings to your game!

Rev paddles employ a honeycomb core that runs the entire length of the paddle and is solid enough to provide you with the power you can feel, yet light enough to help you fly on the court.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.

Extremely lightweight, exceptionally powerful. REV Pickleballs are engineered for long-lasting durability. These multi-surface paddle balls are perfectly weighted with 40 precisely drilled holes and exceptionally machined. Suitable for players of all skill levels. Indoor or outdoor, you can experience a consistent flight path every time. Tested and approved by professionals, this Pickleball bundle is designed to REV your game as you play “out of this world”.