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Ball-Catching Target Set

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  • Set consists of three targets (also available individually):
    • Yellow frame: 4 ft X 4 ft square
    • Orange frame: 3 ft X 3 ft square
    • Red frame: 2 ft X 2 ft square
  • All-steel frame and steel connectors (No PVC pipe and glue)
  • Bungee-secured nets
  • Rubber feet to protect contact surface
  • The perfect way to practice your shot accuracy.  Position targets at any distance and location you wish.  Four, three, and two-foot square targets enable you to develop your sharp-shooting skills! 
  • Angled targets and bright frame colors enable easy visibility from across the net.  
  • The perfect training aid for clinics and workshops.
  • Weight: 
    • Yellow target: 13 lbs
    • Orange target: 11 lbs
    • Red target: 9 lbs
  • Assembly required