As Picklebilly members, we open our homes to people we have never met or
stay in their homes while we are travelling ourselves. This requires a lot of
trust which is often well deserved and the basis for wonderful hospitality
However, hospitality networks also attract people who want to take
advantage of the trust and hospitality of others. We cannot rule out that
some members might have bad intentions. Additionally, a cultural exchange
as it takes place through Picklebilly can, from time to time, lead to
misunderstandings or personal boundaries being overstepped.
Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the tools you have on Picklebilly
to make informed decisions about who you would like to host, meet or stay with.

1. Review Profiles and References Carefully

Take the time to carefully review member profiles. Read what members say about themselves and what other members have said about them. Thoroughly read through all the information available and don’t compromise. If you’re uncomfortable, keep looking.

2. Have A Backup Plan

Know your options. If something doesn’t work out with your host, or if they misrepresented themselves or their home, make sure you have an alternate place to stay. Identify the nearest hostel or hotel, or have a backup host in place before you go. If possible, research your host’s neighborhood prior to arriving, including how to get to and from there on your own.

3. Leave Ratings

Use the Rating System to let other Picklebillies know about your experiences with the people you meet.

4. Contact Picklebilly

Working together, we can keep Picklebilly safe. If you need to report the misconduct of another member, notify Picklebilly through the contact form.