Player Profile: Jeff Doyle, Pickleball Gem (Part 2)

As promised, here's part 2 of the Picklebilly interview with Jeff Doyle. Jeff stands out because of his prowess on the court, but even more so, he brings a sense of humor, energy, and vitality to old and new pickleball friends. People like Jeff Doyle are making our favorite sport even more popular! Check out this article and the attached videos; chances are you'll eventually see Jeff on one of your courts and you'll definitely want to say hello.

3.    Surprise, AZ is a special place in the pickleball world.  Go ahead and name drop.  Who are some great players who have graced your courts?

Surprise has been called the Mecca of Pickleball as well as Pickleball heaven and I would have to agree that the caliber of play here is like none other. So many great players have come here and I know I’ll miss some names so forgive me if I miss you. Off the top of my head we’ve had Dave “The Badger” Weinbach, Curtis Campbell, Jay “Gizmo” Hall, Sara Ansboury, all the Newmans, Steve Cole, and many more. Some of our local greats are Steve Wong, Christine Barksdale,  Gigi Lemaster, and Mark “Yoda” Friedenberg just to name some. You can check out this video I made interviewing some people in Surprise last year at this link

4.  If people travel to Surprise, should they look you up? Why?

People should definitely look me up (no matter their skill level) because I have connections to the right players at the right places and it is my pleasure to assist them with getting connected as this is the hospitality I’ve received when traveling. I have two hands, one for myself, and one for others. My text friendly cell is 360-224-1744. Let’s go.

5.  What are Players Paddles?  How did you get connected with them?

Players paddles, in my opinion,  are the best you can get for your money. You can check out their inventory, testimonials, etc at this link if you plan on making a purchase, remember to use discount code “JDoyle” at checkout to receive 15% off an already great deal! When I moved from my hometown Bellingham, WA in 2017 to Surprise, AZ I had just heard about this company there (In Bellingham) starting up a paddle company with this squirrel logo on it. When I arrived at the Surprise City courts I noticed a couple 4.5 players with that squirrel logo on their paddles asked them where they found them. They mentioned seeing them on Kickstarter online and that they were an up and coming paddle company. That’s when I contacted one of the owners of Players Pickleball, Josh Bechtol, and had him come down as a sponsor for our tournaments at the time when I was the Marketing Director for Surprise Pickleball Association which you can find at this link Josh and I have stayed connected since then and he continues to advance his paddles second to none. He is obsessed with making the best possible Pickleball paddle and has the know how and tools to do just that. More at these links

6.  Tell me how you were "hit with the ball."

Here’s what it is. I’m known around here as quite the clown and I also Nasty Nelson people often. That is when you serve the ball into the player up at the net and hit them for a point. Some people love it, some people hate it. It is what it is, ZERO ZERO START!!

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