Pickleball Gem: Jeff Doyle (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 12

One of the best parts of pickleball is meeting new people. I am constantly meeting amazing gems, fascinating people from a wide range of backgrounds, who I would have never met if I didn't play pickleball.

I met Jeff Doyle quite coincidentally. I travelled to Surprise, AZ; my friend Catherine urged me to contact Jeff, who she found on Facebook only because they share the same last name but are unrelated. Jeff and I were chatting courtside, and after bonding about pickleball, I then asked: "Are you Jeff?" and he said, "Are you Janice?" This lead to playing a game together, and he invited me to their round robin the next day. As I got to know him, he agreed to let me interview him.

Let's just say, Jeff's so involved in the pickleball world, I am writing an unprecedented two-part interview about him. Not only is Jeff a top-ranked player, but he also has appointed himself a pickleball ambassador who works to promote the sport and bring people together, both on the Surprise courts and when he travels nationally. Please check out the video footage highlighting Jeff's style of play in the second question. (And, stay tuned for part #2 of the Jeff Doyle interview:)

1.  So what do you think about what's happening with our favorite sport?  How would you describe it from your vantage point?

Pickleball is growing exponentially and I can see it happening first hand. One example is seeing how crowded Pickleball courts are at home and when I travel. Most of the time there are vacant tennis courts nearby. Another example is when I was at an airport en route to a tournament in Florida, I overheard a random stranger on his phone talking to his friend about painting a Pickleball court and on the other side of me, another random person was on her phone trying to schedule some rec play with her friends. I spoke to both of these individuals, from various parts of the country, about the intense growth of this great sport in their areas as well. Finally, I would have to say that people new to this sport keep coming back for more  and my lessons continue to increase over time with individuals interested in how to improve their game. 

2.  You are REALLY involved in the world of pickleball.  Can you share some of what you're doing? (please try and keep it to two pages max--haha)

You are the one making me elaborate on these questions like a diligent English teacher, Mrs. Mundee! Since living in Surprise, AZ for the past 3 years I’ve been running a 4.0 plus mixed league every Monday. I also teach lessons, connect others with appropriate groups, was the Marketing Director for Surprise Courts for a year, sell paddles, play recreationally 4-6 times per week, travel locally to others courts meeting new groups of players, travel around the US playing in tournaments, assist other professionals with their clinics as necessary, and encourage others to get involved in trying the sport out for the first time. I think that’s it. You can view my style of play at this link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBaaCkRRmX8

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