Pickleball Etiquette 101

Don't you love it when everyone's smiling and happy on the pickleball court? I collaborated with my friend Darlene Gibaut for a list of reminders that help on the court by fostering respectful relationships with others. The goal of creating this list is to keep us pickleball players smiling, having fun, and playing our favorite sport.

1. Don't argue a close line call. If you're not sure, ask your partner or your opponents. It is NOT a big deal in the scheme of things. Move on.

2. If you're playing with a strong player and a beginner, don't hit all your shots to the weaker player. We're all out there to have fun and play the game. Include everyone on the court.

3. Don't be overly competitive. Yes, we are all trying to win, but that being said, everyone is trying their best, and in the end, it is just a game whether you win or lose.

4. This goes with #3. Have fun. Remember, we are playing the best game in the world, are outside getting exercise, and meeting amazing people.

5. When getting the ball to the serving team, return ball to the appropriate person; don't make them chase the ball.

6. If you set up group play, be on time to warm up or play.

7. Be thoughtful about giving advice. Some people want to hear your ideas, but some prefer to figure it out themselves.

8. Be supportive: click paddles, acknowledge good play.

9. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Most times others are not purposefully being offensive. Don't take everything personally and try not to be too sensitive.

10. Stay away from negativity. Don't complain, gossip, or hold onto a grudge.

11. Yes, sometimes you'll make an incredible shot. Be happy inside, but be careful not to excessively celebrate.

12. Don't judge others. Everyone has good days and bad days on the court.

We'd love your thoughts and comments. What are your ideas for keeping things positive on the pickleball court? Have you lost friends due to stuff that has happened on the pickleball court? Along the same lines, what do you enjoy most on the pickleball court with all of your friends?

Pictures are from Norma Jean Photography.

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