Member Profile: Brett Noel

Today, we're catching up with three-time national pickleball champ, Brett Noel. One of my highlights was watching Brett team up at our local pickleball community tournament with Sarah Ansboury. Wow, that was exciting!

Brett has over 50 medal awards in competitive Pickleball and is currently a ranking member of the Professional Pickleball Registry and the USAPA. Besides earning medals, Brett recently signed on to host the Pickleball Summit, an online interview symposium of pickleball experts and innovators. Check it out at!

Brett brings a unique gift to coaching Pickleball. Brett's philosophy is that every player can improve their skills and become a better player with the right instruction. The old method of "one style applies to all" doesn’t work. Each person learns differently and has unique skills. A good coach can see where each individual needs to change for the better. Personal attention and years of coaching and training are what make Brett one of the best training coaches in the United States.

1. Please tell us, national pickleball champ, how you stay focused on the court? 

The mental aspect of the game of Pickleball is more important than the physical. You have to believe that you have earned the right to be on championship court. 
Often when we talk about staying focused, what we really are saying is : How do you execute shots when under pressure"? I focus on what I need to do to win points knowing that I have paid my dues. I have paid my dues with long hours of drilling, many hours of practice, Committing to working on certain skills sets. I know when walking on the courts that I have done my very best to prepare for victory,

2. How did you get started in pickleball?  What was it like in the early days? 

I was in San Diego California visiting a friend who asked me if I ever heard of Pickleball. He introduced me to the sport that day. I played three hours straight having a blast. Then I couldn't walk for three days, lol. Every part of my body was sore. That is when I fell in love with Pickleball

3. You're traveling to so many great places.  Tell us about one place that caught your attention.

I am blessed to travel throughout the country coaching players and playing in tournaments. One of my favorite places so far has been Idaho because of the

amazing rivers. My wife and I would spend the entire day sitting by the fast moving rivers reading books, having lunch and enjoying the sun

4. What's new? :)

As my wife and I travel across the United States, we're blessed to meet so many great pickleball players. I have always said that pickleball players are the nicest people on the planet and I mean that. My wife started a Pickleball clothing apparel with some of the nicest Pickleball clothing on the market. Her website is We offer custom clothing for both men and women.

Here's a highlight video of Brett and his partner Greg Whitfield who went undefeated to win gold in Santa Barbara in 2017.

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