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We’re building a community of outdoorsy brands like yours and connecting them with like minded customers. There are amazing companies who are creating innovative and inspiring products in the outdoor space. 

Our goal is to get your brand in front of as many customers as possible though our consumer list and our multi-channel marketing efforts and offer our sellers the below:

  • Pricing control - No more MAP pricing Issues for brands to worry about (control pricing though our backend)
  • No-risk model with no sign-up fees or listing fees
  • Digital Marketing - Product and brand visibility via MJO multi channel advertising (Email, Google & Bing text and Shopping ads, Amazon PPC, if brand chooses to participate)
  • A manufacturer’s storefront page to promote their brand and products
  • Unique SEO optimized featured product landing pages for manufacturers
  • Easy to use marketplace listing software and order fulfillment dashboard
  • Instant access to our Google Express Marketplace (if opted in by brand)
  • Access to selling on our Amazon Storefront if desired (if opted in by brand)
  • Free Managed service (product upload and SEO, marketplace management etc)
  • Advertising service for manufacturers that do not have the time to do their own advertising or are just tired of throwing money at agencies that are not producing the results.

We're connecting brands like yours on a, curated platform for like-minded outdoor product shoppers to find high quality products 

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