SHARE THE BALL  by: Gregg Whitfield

SHARE THE BALL by: Gregg Whitfield


Here are words of wisdom when playing recreational pickleball which is wholly different than tournament play.  Following this advice will help hone your skills and get you into better physical shape.

If your opponent is a better player, reset the point and work on placement verses hitting winners. Really good players can extend the point to have longer rallies. Hit the ball to challenge your opponents without hitting it so hard that it doesn't give your opponent a chance on returning the ball. Keep your shots challenging; never be condescending by hitting balls that are too easy.

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Instead of targeting the weaker players, hit the ball to the better players so you get longer rallies. It is a lot of fun to have extended points with longer rallies. You will get more exercise, try different angles, and have more fun all the while you are developing your placement and finesse.

Finally, for recreational play, be inclusive to all players on the court because they came to play.

When you are playing in tournaments or matches that really matter to you, it's a whole different story.  Go ahead and unleash your skills. Go for the kill shots, and your best angle shots and hit all balls to the weaker player so you can win.

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  • Carl

    I love the game of pickleball but I’m growing increasingly tired of the culture. People hung up on numbers, I’m a 3.5 or 4.0 what is someone like you doing on my court. There isn’t a player on the planet that has the right to make someone else feel bad about themselves. I’ll play and have fun with anyone regardless of their skill level. All the good players are on tour, then there’s the rest of us. So just enjoy it and have fun. Cheers

  • Rocky Clark

    It would be fun to team up and play a major tournament together.

  • Alannah

    Gregg, I love your advise if I’m playing w a better player.

  • Claudia Gibaut

    I’m a Believer! Love the post! Thanks Greg

  • Micki

    I think you should write more posts..

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