Picklebilly Hosted Housing on Facebook

Picklebilly Hosted Housing on Facebook

Pickleball is a sport that is ripe for hosted housing. 1. We love pickleball. 2. We love our fellow players. 3. We love to travel and play at new venues. This post details why I set up a hosted housing site on Facebook, and how all pickleball players can join and participate. By growing this into a larger community, there are greater benefits for all of us. More people to host, more places to travel, more people to meet. Thats a win/win/win.

Recently, I signed up for a tournament. Needing a partner for mixed doubles,  I connected with a man I had never met.  What he wrote in an email to me is on point and exactly how I feel, and is precisely why I have a hosted housing group on Facebook.  Here is what he wrote:

 "If you and your husband want to stay at our place in Vegas when you are here for the tournament let me know. Don’t feel obligated because we realize that many of our friends want to be closer to the strip when they visit. I guess it says something about Pickleball players that I would offer my home to someone I have never met. "

This last line particularly resonates; this man felt connected with someone who is a pickleball player, who he exchanged emails with but had never met.  This has been true in my encounters with people I meet through pickleball. Invariably, I meet so many interesting people who I invariably like, who I enjoy spending time with, and who I'd welcome into my home. 

So, am I going to take my new partner up on his offer?  You bet I am. First,  "trust" goes two ways. I am glad that he feels comfortable with me, but I feel similarly about him. He's a thoughtful, educated professional, who loves to travel, and who plays pickleball all the time. What's not to love?   Next, staying with a new person is a lovely opportunity to get to know someone better.  Frankly, staying with someone also allows me to save money on lodging which only allows me to travel more with my penchant for "destination" pickleball.  

So, here's the link:  Picklebilly Hosted Housing

Once you join the group, you decide what you want to do. Perhaps you want to offer a place to stay for other picklers.  Perhaps you're traveling to a particular location and would appreciate some invitations to be hosted.  I find being kind, being helpful, and being honest goes a long way to making these types of connections a reality.  I would also do some email exchanges and survey a person's FB page to make sure you feel comfortable moving forward.

Glenn Lucy actually posted on the Picklebilly Hosted Housing page, and he joked about visiting me and my husband.  Maybe he was joking, but MAYBE NOT?  I have reached out and would be thrilled to get to visit with this kind man who is a top-notch pickleball pro.  (will keep you updated) 

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  • Pamela Maez

    I’ve hosted more international college Students and other folks then I can count. I’m very comfortable with sharing my home with others……it’s a delight!

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