Pickleball, the number one growing sport in the country,  is revolutionizing the world in creating better health and increased socialization.

The concept behind Picklebilly is that you can travel, and when you go to a new city, you get to stay with a resident who will welcome you, give you an insider’s view of the area, and who shares  your love of pickleball. Granted, this will save you money, but more importantly it’s about  increased connections and enjoying pickleball with new people

As a member of Picklebilly, you can choose to host, be a guest, or both.

As a Host You provide a clean, comfortable and private place for your guests to stay, offer that extra bed, possibly serve breakfast, and give the guests an hour of your  time to acquaint them with your area.

As a Guest

​1. You should confirm your reservation and arrival time the day before you arrive.   If your plans change and you cannot arrive for a confirmed reservation, you must contact your host and cancel as early as possible.

2.  It is preferable to make reservations 1-2 weeks before the visit.  Requests for lodging 2 months in advance should be considered “tentative” and then confirmed 1-2 weeks before the visit.

3.   Treat your host's home with care.  Please be very considerate of your host's privacy and time by planning daytime activities away from the home.

4.   Let your host be the guide as to which areas of the house you may use and how much time he/she would like to spend with you.

The observance of these few rules will make your traveling and hosting an enjoyable experience.
Happy Pickling, Hosting and Traveling!